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Going to be Co-Authoring a Book…

This weekend I had quite the shock (other than realization that Ikea is overrated) in that I was asked to co-author a new book with 2 others authors: Ken Simmons (Blog | Twitter) and Colin Stasiuk (Blog | Twitter). As Colin mentioned in his blog post I’m EXTREMELY honored to even be considered for this project so huge thank you to Ken for getting this together. I bookmarked an article earlier this morning on Readitlater about starting the writing process but any and all advice is welcome and appreciated!

  • http://thomaslarock.com SQLRockstar

    Nice! Did you wet your pants when you got the news?

    • http://emailtoid.net/i/79a23b74/bec3ed36/ Jorge Segarra

      lol almost! I was at Ikea at the time so I reserved the pee pee dance for later.

  • Sankar Reddy

    Congrats Jorge, its a good milestone if you reflect on this few years from now.