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Contest: Name My Chicken

sqlchicken So in my first post I explained that my moniker was inspired by the rubber chicken hanging on the wall in my cube. After realizing that he’s now become an integral part of the office in that we all squeeze him whenever something breaks its time he had a name. That’s where you guys come in!

My chicken needs a name. Anything. SQL-related is cool but it doesn’t really matter as long as its befitting its awesomeness. After all entries are in we here in the office will go over the entries and decide a winner. Unfortunately I don’t have the backing of Godaddy.com on this one like the SQL Rap Contest so sadly I don’t have any prizes, just bragging rights. I’ll set the deadline to two weeks from today (Friday June 12th). Feel free to submit entries here on this blog or DM them to me on Twitter.


9 Responses to Contest: Name My Chicken

  1. Sharon says:

    How bout “Scripty”

  2. millaa says:

    Not SQL Related, but he looks like a Benny.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Jorge Segarra says:

    Funny, one of my cats is named Benny!

  5. Ken Simmons says:

    C.C. AKA Charlie Chicken AKA Charlie “Chicken of the SQL”. He can tune a query be he can’t tuna fish.

  6. millaa says:

    Couple more ideas:
    SQaLkey (skwal-kee)

  7. millaa says:

    That is funny about your cat though hehe!

  8. Janice Lee says:

    Just read this :) Hehe, one year after. New to the community as you know so cut me some slack ;)

    So what did you name the chicken?

  9. Funny this fell flat on its face because I didn’t have that many folks reading/following yet. I’ll have to reboot this contest soon.

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